The Full Story


“The Memory of Water” is a collaborative project between bodypainter Vilija Vitkute and choreographer Malgorzata Sus. It brings together different art disciplines, such as bodypainting, dance, sound composition, film, photography, visual effects and scenography, and connects them with environmental research on water and education about climate change. It is a long-term project and it is going to result in photo and video exhibitions, art and documentary films, a performance, lectures and workshops, and in the creation of the project's headquarters where artists and other guests can have a space for research and creative exchange. There are over 30 international artists involved in the project and it is being created in the Nordic region to later tour and reach audiences around the world. 

The creation of the project started in September 2019. Since then Vilija and Malgorzata built the vision of a stage performance (to be premiered in 2024), gathered an international team of artists to collaborate, established connections with environmental organisations, and created first visual materials for the project - at the end of September 2020 they travelled to the Arctic, Lofoten Islands, where breathtaking landscapes became an inspiration and a set up for bodypainting, dance, photography and films.

VilijaVitkute 2018 Lofoten :Photography and Bodypainting.jpg


To create art, film, music, costume design etc in sustainable ways and in share the results, research with International audience, bring awareness about environment and inspire for a change.


Unite internationally multidisciplinary  artist to create about environment, human lots connection to the nature that costs climate crises. Together with marine biologist, environment organisations and activist and scientist inspire people for the change and bring more awareness through touching art.