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The Full Story


The creation of the project “The Memory of Water'' began in September 2019. Visual artist / bodypainter Vilija Vitkute and choreographer / dancer Malgorzata Sus came up with a vision of a big scale stage performance, combining arts of bodypainting and dance with a strong environmental message about water. They gathered a team of over 30 artists of different disciplines, as well as biologists and activists to make their vision happen in the best quality and complexity. However, the pandemic changed the plan of delivering the big performance straight away - instead, the artists focused on going deeper into the research, taking smaller steps of creation, and involving smaller groups of artists in different activities. Throughout the 2 years of the project’s existence, we have travelled for research, photography and video creation to the Arctic - Lofoten, we performed in festivals and presented exhibitions in Austria and Sweden, and recently took a journey to Iceland to create an art film and a documentary film. We are unstoppable in planning further steps and already preparing for future creative residencies, workshops, shows and exhibitions in Gotland, Norway and Iceland in 2022. Follow our project on social media and join the mission of protecting the environment through art and sharing love for nature! 

VilijaVitkute 2018 Lofoten :Photography and Bodypainting.jpg


Create art in a sustainable way to bring awareness about the environment and inspire change.


Unite international multidisciplinary artists to create about water, marine life and the climate crisis. Together with marine biologists, environmental activists and scientists encourage people to protect the environment and reconnect to nature.  

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