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About the project

main creators 

Małgorzata Suś   

Project funder, main director, choreographer, dancer, director, writer and producer.

Born in Poland in 1991, based in Portugal, working internationally. Main creator and a choreographer of "The Memory of Water". In 2016 graduated from Theatre Studies at The National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. In 2017 awarded with the Young Poland scholarship in the field of Dance. Between 2016-2018 studied in the frame of stage-oriented professional contemporary dance course Performact in Torres Vedras, Portugal. Since 2017 collaborates as a choreographer and dancer with body painter Vilija Vitkute (performances for AgitAgueda Festival in Portugal, Mėnuo Juodaragis in Lithuania - with musician Andrius Mamontovas, residence BE WATER in Portugal, World Bodypainting Festival, Klagenfurt, Austria - 1st Prize in a category SFX "Clear Mind, Clean Planet"). In a few periods between 2017-2019 was an artist in residence in AGITLAB in Águeda, Portugal, working with performance artist Paulina Almeida and others. 

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Since 2018 choreographed several works: Vertigo, Madpools, Fluid Acts, Espuma Dos Dias, Claw, Oniriablia, and recently 2069, Earth. Performed and gave workshops in festivals: Cargotopia in Jenin, Palestine, Festival Laâyoune du Théâtre de Rue, Sahara-Morocco, Mėnuo Juodaragis in Lithuania, MAR – Mostra de Artes de Rua, Festival Dos Canais, AgitÁgueda, Waking Life, Portugal, Vides Deja, Latvia. Participated in experimental new-media residency Koumaria in 2019 in Sparta, Greece. In the season 2018/19 worked as a dancer in two productions of Companhia Paulo Ribeiro (Todos, Alguém, Qualquer Um, Ninguém' by Luiz Antunes and Memórias de Pedra by Paulo Ribeiro). In 2019/2020 performed in Fortitude by Conceição Nunes (Livraria Ler Devagar and Teatro da Luz, Lisbon; Teatro Amazonas, Manaus, Brasil). Since April 2020 Małgorzata has been leading an online dance course Movement-Image. Please see more on the website



Project funder, leader, art director, producer and artist

- Visual artist, bodypainter, creative and visual

director ,producer, photographer from Lithuania living in

in Sweden since 2010 and in Italy since 2019.

Vilijas art speaks mostly about human nature. She believes that artist are a crucial voice in discussing climate change and human impact.  Vilija’s passion for art comes from nature,

music, people and stories. She works about human body,

environment, equal rights, climate change. Her body-painting is special because she creates it with organic paper art designs, she paints people blending into surroundings, she also uses body-painting to express the culture, the  body movement.

She have created in different places in the world, from the mountains in Morocco tothe barren landscapes of Arctic circle. Her art and videos won

prizes in Sweden and worldwide. She have been performing and

exhibiting in Venice Biannalle 2015, Avesta Art, BOOM festival,

Amsterdam International Art Fair, Falun Magazinet, Peace &

Love festival, AgitAgueda 2017 & 2018, Menuo Juodaragis in

Lithuania. She won 1st place in the World Bodypainting chiampionship 2019 in Special effects and other categories 4,5 and 6 places since 2015 in Austria. Her latest camouflage

bodyainting series "The Landscapes Within" became well known

in World media. She is awarded artist in Sweden and Norway, she earn art culture price of the year in Sweden and won best music video of the year in 2015.

Vilija have lived in Sweden more then 10 years, few years in Arctic, spend creation time in Amsterdam, California, Austria, Portugal and Iceland. She is traveling around the world by working as a professional artist and also working together with artist/ bopdypainter- Johannes Stoetter on world known TV shows and venues. Since 2017 she started work and collaboration with choreographer Malgorzata Sus and Musician Andrius Mamontovas, where they created few different art, video and performance projects, today they are creating the grand project called "The Memory Of Water".


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