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"Life in a Water Drop"

Artist Vilija Vitkute has been diving into the water life universe, while making research about its marine life and  wishes to protect it. On her way she meets inspiring people full of hope and positive change. The “Angels” of nature are protectors, activists, marine biologist, scientist and many more people who are spreading awareness, knowledge of nature, its climate - human crises, the solutions and hope. They connect to protect life on earth to protect ourselves.


Lately the artist has been collaborating with environment activist, documentary filmmaker, speaker Magdalena Gschnitzer that truly inspires one another. Magdalena has been traveling around the world and protecting nature, its animals, creating films and different projects that inspire for the change and not losing hope. She has been a part of Sea Shepherd, saving whales, turtles and many more animals out there.

Photography, paper art, body painting, scenery - Vilija Vitkute

Body-painting and paper art assistant - Elisa Hochrainer

Model -  Magdalena Gschnitzer

Whales, Porpoises, and Dolphins

 Vilija asked Magdalena to take part in an art project and be. a model for a “ Endangered Marine Life” series that is part of The Memory Of Water project, and help to spread a message of endangered marine animals.

Together they decided to put a focus on Whales, Porpoises, and Dolphins on Earth that are critically endangered, facing overhunting, pollution, climate change: North Atlantic Right Whale, North Pacific Right Whale, Sei Whale, Blue whale, Western Grey Whale, almost extinct Vaquita that are only few left, Atlantic Humpback Dolphin and amazon river dolphin,Killer Whales Went from Hated, to Adored, to Endangered.

After 2 month of research, paper cuts creation, they were able to gather it in one piece, to share awareness, hope for life on earth into a peaceful image, that gathers all the whales, dolphins, that are reaching out to our hearts and minds with a wish to connect, to bring more love to one another and live in balance and peace. Its life in a water drop that spreads HOPE.

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Are you aware  ?

The oceans are home for 80% of all life on earth, it's creatures whales play a massive role  in the carbon cycle. One whale is worth thousands of trees in carbon capture. Wherever whales are found, so are Phytoplankton.  These microscopic plants absorb the CO2 equivalent of 1.70 trillion trees - 4 amazing rainforest worth - and contribute 50% -85% of all oxygen in our atmosphere. Every other breath we take is thanks to phytoplankton. 

The more whales =  the more phytoplankton = the more carbon capture = the more OXYGEN.

 Did you know that:

300.000 whales, dolphins are killed in fishing gear every year.

In Peru, more than 10,000 dolphins per year are killed and used as bait to catch sharks as part of the shark fin trade.

Government pays over 35billion dollars to fishing industries every year to continue plundering our seas.

Only less than 0,01% of  our oceans are protected.


Help us, to to help you, to spread awareness


Order art print that funds the project and environmental activist - 

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"The very moment we fall in love with this beautiful nature, we not only feel the connection to everything and everyone, but also a responsibility to protect this world. Every single day we have the chance to choose compassion and kindness. It is time to make wise choices and it is time to become part of the needed change. Let’s share hope through our actions."- Magdalena Gschnitzer

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Coral Body

Photography, bodypainting and paper art created by Vilija Vitkute Art & Bodypainting

It speaks about healing corals, that can cure the cancer and other diseases, they are the lungs of the earth oceans - of us, but apparently are bleaching and turning white because of climate crises. 


Researchers have discovered that one type of gorgonian coral, also known as sea fans, contains powerful anti-inflammatory chemicals, some soft corals have potential anti-cancer and anti-viral properties, and bamboo corals may also be useful in bone grafting.

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Leafy Sea Dragons

The dragon of fairy tales that lives in Australian coastal waters. Slow-swimming and with fragile bodies, seadragons depend on camouflage to hide them from predators. Their leafy appendages, ability to change color to match their seaweed and seagrass habitats, and ability to sway like plants in the water current help protect them from predators. They live up to 7 -10 years, but they are listed as near threatened on the IUCN Red List. These fish are in trouble because of habitat destruction due to human development, pollution, excessive fertilizer runoff, and fishing practices where they may be trapped as bycatch or poached. Additionally, their populations may be threatened by rough seas and limited food supply.

This Leafy Sea Dragons where created by using paper art ( made by hand) and bodypainting. We hope to bring more attention to Marine life protection and to inspire you to fall in love more with big deep blue universe.

Design, paper art, bodypainting and photography by Vilija Vitkute.
Paper art and bodypainting Assistant - Elisa Hochrainer.
Model - Emely K.
Created in collaboration with The Memory Of Water productions @the.memory.of.water 

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