• Taking the opportunity of thousands of people watching the performance and the film to raise awareness, generate change and encourage to take care of the Earth and Water with all its unique ecosystems

  • Adapting to nature while creating the project, in order not to harm the environment

  • Choosing sustainable materials to create a scenography, objects, and costumes

  • Limiting the amount of flights in connection with the project, choosing alternative and ecological ways of travelling

  • Eating only local and vegetarian/vegan food during all residencies and project creation, sharing the awareness of the impact of meat consumption 

  • Reducing, reusing and recycling packagings, tools and materials that will be used during the project

  • Saving water and educating about it

  • Cleaning the natural surroundings if we see polluted places while researching and filming for the project

  • Documenting, implementing and communicating of all environmental initiatives to the project team and its audience in a transparent, clear and coherent manner

  • Respecting legal regulations and other requirements related to environmental issues 

  • Raising environmental awareness: during the project work and the premiere event the volunteering Water Team will take care of the eco-friendly course of the event and inform the audience about the environmental actions they can take; several lectures and workshops will be shared with the audience and local communities, and the online educational platform will be available worldwide

  • Collaborating with environmental organizations, scientist, experts of sea life and other groups or individuals that work for the environment protection

  • Involving in the project only those people who understand and support our mission (relates to all artistic, technical and production teams)