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Aerial View of Curved River

Visual artists 

 Film and 3D digital art creation for “The Memory Of Water'' project is an essential part to present an astonishing stage performance and bring on the screens breathtaking images that will transmit the project message. 

There are two filmmakers, two digital artists, a documentary filmmaker and a light designer who will collaborate with each other and with the technical team. 


Emi Sthal

Emi Stahl is based in Stockholm. She professionally creates and consults Visual Content for the performing arts scene. 

Previously worked as an animator and VJ-artist she has been creating video content since 2012. 

Her main focus is projected light with broad experience of projection mapping on different materia. 

She is interested in the perception of motion, constantly examining movement adjusted to sound.

She has been working with  Royal Dramatic Theatre, The Royal Swedish Opera and SVT.

Namnlös design-2.jpg

david Carvajal

Based in Stockholm, David is a multidisciplinary audiovisual creator with a background in production of light installations, projection mapping, animation, video production, music production, events coordination and organization.

I’ve always had a particular interest in immersive audiovisual experiences.

This interest led me to pursue a bachelors degree in audiovisual production where I’ve studied the relationship between sound and imagery both in digital format and with physical installations where the viewer can immerse themselves, experience and interact with the work.

He studied at Hyper Island, not only to keep progressing in his creative skills but also to further develop his soft skills and to learn more about the vast world that is audiovisual production.

Through this passion he pursued and developed several projects, both independent and collaborative with clients, and collaborations for art exhibitions, nightclubs, concerts, festivals, conferencess, digital videos and studio productions, both in his home base Sweden and internationally.

"Long Winter"

"Long Winter"

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