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Aurelia Jellyfish





The cinematographer of the project, born and based in Sweden.

Olle has been working as a professional cinema photographer for more than 15 years.

He worked with directors like: Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein, Hugo Lilja, Robin Robinovich, Mikael Mikadelica, Magnus Renfors, Pablo Fernandes, Alex Southam, Fredrik Hiller, Johanna Reiz, John Billing, Daniel Lundh, Anders Forsman, Jens Assur. With TV series, music videos, future films, short films and commercials.

His works won awards - 

Madrid IFF 2016 Nominated – We Will Apart / Category: Best Cinematography

Guldägget 2016 – Åhlens – Party Face, Dir: Daniel Lundh / Category:

Mobile Guldägget 2016 – Åhlens – Riviera, Dir: Daniel Lundh / Category:

Mobile Guldägget 2016 – Never Forget To Vote – A Nazi Free Europe / Category: PR

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 Olles works

These talented filmmakers will be picturing the project creation, artists’ journeys, magic and mystery of water and landscapes, and fantastic colorful creatures. The video materials will be presented as projections on stage, as an art film, a documentary film and part of exhibitions.

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Armas is a professional filmmaker, born and based in Lithuania. 

He has finished his master studies of video directing at LMTA [Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre], and participated in different international projects.

"I'm Lithuanian, but my first name is Finnish, cause my Grandma was from Karelia, Finland [check in Google Translator what 'Armas' means in Finnish]. 

When I was eight years old, I wrote my first book, and I still enjoy creating stories. I'm working with movies, TV production, music/commercial videos etc."

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Linnéa Grimstedt studied theatre pedagogy in Örebro University, Sweden. 

SInce 2018 she is a project leader and head of Gotlands Kulturrum, a culture house in the middle of central Visby. Linnea works as well as a documentary filmmaker and a Coordinator at Film I Gotland.

She is directing a documentary film about bodypainters Johannes Stötter and Vilija Vitkute (in process).

Between 2015-2017 Linnea was a creative leader and director for Kulturens Bildningsverksamhet, dancer in “Det är i mötet det sker” and a Creative leader for ÖGRAD in Visby Gotland.


She worked as a theatre teacher in Carlforsska gymnasiet in Västerås and in Ullvigymnasieta in Köping, a theatre teacher, director and business manager in Teater Oliver, Västeråsand  and a program debater in Sveriges Radio in Västmanlands län.

She was an assistant director of “Long Day's Journey Towards Night” in Riksteatern in Stockholm.

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