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The Memory Of Water
Art film

We are creating a short art film about the human's disconnection from nature and its way back to the roots. The story is told through the language of bodypainting, dance and music, created by international artists whose work is dedicated to nature and the environment. Production began in Iceland in September 2021 and it was carried out in the most sustainable way possible; we were travelling and living as a community. The story in the film is told through the perspective of water, and the human body is presented in different landscapes, transformed within water - in glaciers, ocean, fjords, rivers and waterfalls. We chose Iceland because of its remarkable landscapes and sustainable lifestyle. The journey was captured by a documentary filmmaker, and after the art film premiere we will also release a short behind-the-scenes movie.



We have just issued a new 2022 calendar with a collection of photographs from the film creation in Iceland. The calendar is available in our online store, as well as prints of selected photos - every calendar / image that you buy will support further production and post-production of the art film!


The exhibition of photos created in Iceland, and installation of paper artworks by Vilija Vitkute will be presented in The Factory in Djupavik, Iceland, in June 2022, thanks to support of the curator Emilie Dalum.


The premiere of the art film is planned in autumn 2022. 

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In June 2022 we will present an exhibition in The Factory in Djupavik on the West fjords of Iceland. The place used to be a fish factory that closed in 1954 because already back then there was no more fish left in the area. We will transform this space into an art installation where we will awaken the spirits of the underwater universe. We will present photographs from the journey to Iceland, as well as create a paper art installation and performance speaking about endangered marine life. We wish to use the context of the ex-fish factory to make our message even more powerful. The exhibition is curated by Emile Dalum and will include works of other artists whose practices are concerning environmental issues. 

The art film materials are now in the post-production process, and there is a big chance that we will still capture more images in 2022 in Iceland. The art film premiere is planned for the end of 2022. 

Later in 2022/23 we are aiming to present the exhibition and the film in places such as Northern Norway, Sweden, and within all kinds of water-related venues and festivals. 

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Short synopsis

Immersed in the Icelandic landscapes and guided by the mysterious Water Goddess, we are taken for the journey into the lost roots and forgotten self of a human who emerged from water and used to live in harmony with it. How can we find back this balance and peace, and what can be an inspiration for the change? Let yourself follow the characters of the film and dive into the marvellous and astonishing water universe.

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Looking into climate crises

We do look into the depths of climate crises, what causes it and how we can interpret through art and reach out to people. In 2021 september 10 artists of the project are going to create a short art film that speaks about human lost connection to nature and the journey of finding its way back, to its nature to itself. The story will be told through body painted dancers by artist Vilija Vitkute and Johannes Stoetter, that brings us on transforming journey through iceland landscapes from volcanoes to the running rivers through lava fields all the way to the sea meeting the waterfalls and glaciers on the way bringing back the memories of us the nature children, how we once were connected with it all , but at some part lost its way. During the journey we look through the natural eyes perspective, the nature element water is reaching out full of hope to the people and guiding them back to nature, they are connecting with one another and in the end they become one in peace.


We are looking for partners and sponsors to complete the production and post-production of the art film. The funds will help us to finish the film and present it in worldwide film festivals. 

Until now our project was supported by the Swedish Arts Council (Konstnärsnämnden), Nordic Culture Point, Nordic Culture Fund and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute, as well as financed by private investments. 

If you become a funder, you will be introduced on our website, and your name will appear in our social media, promotional materials, in film credits and exhibitions. You will also be rewarded with a chosen artwork from our online store and invited for the film screening. 


How can you fund the project?

- donate money via PayPal or Stripe 

- purchase an artwork / a special offer to raise funds from our online shop

- contact us via email of social media to discuss a bigger donation/support

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Main project creators

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Vilija Vitkute

Project’s CEO, director, body painter, costume designer and photographer from Lithuania, based in Sweden.


Malgorzata Sus

Project’s CEO, choreographer, dancer and writer from Poland, based in Portugal.

Filmmakers and photographers


Olle Lundin

Cinematographer from Sweden, based in Stockholm.

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Pablo Koury

Documentary filmmaker and photographer from Brazil, based in Portugal.


Linnea Grimstedt

Documentary filmmaker from Sweden, based in Göteborg.



Linnea Sundling

Dancer from Sweden, based in Stockholm.


Erik Wilken

Project dancer from Sweden, based in Rotterdam.

Production assistants 

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Isabella Haller

Production assistant from South Tyrol. 

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Nils Arneberg

Production assistant and photographer from Sweden.

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