Production team



Project manager and communication


CEO of World Bodypainting Festival in Austria and WB Production since 20 years, leader and supporter of the Bodypainting Movement worldwide.

The WB Production is specialized in the organization and execution of bodypainting workshops, competitions, trade show appearances as well as dance shows, commercial art and promotional events in many different countries around the world.

For “The Memory of Water” Alex works with project management and communication since 2019/2020.



Founder, producer, directors assistant and documentary filmmaker.


CEO of Gotlands Kulturrum in Sweden, documentary filmmaker, project manager. She makes the impossible possible for art to be presented and find its way to reach a huge and diverse audience. 

For “The Memory of Water” Linnea became one the main funds researchers, project writer, producer, directors’ assistant and a documentary filmmaker.

Elisabeth F


Project coordinator in Norway, Arctic circle.


Elisabeth was born in Norway - she is based in Lofoten where her heart belongs. She is an artist, creative adventures guide in the Arctic Circle, as well as she connects artists and potential partners for different culture projects in Lofoten. 

For “The Memory of Water'' Elisabeth is looking for the best Norwegian partners for the project, arranging creative meetings and introducing Arctic nature to the project artists group.


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