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The performance premiere is planned in spring- or summertime of 2024, in the Nordic Region. It will bring together on stage 12 body painted international dancers, Norwegian contemporary composer Tine Surel Lange and master of bodypainting illusion Johannes Stoetter performing live. In the creation process of the show there will be 5 more body painters, 2 filmmakers, 2 digital and visual artists, a scenographer, a documentary filmmaker, a light designer, live streaming technical team, and a production team. For the direction of the performance are responsible visual artist Vilija Vitkute and choreographer Malgorzata Sus.


Water is the most transformative element - it easily changes from steam to liquid and then to ice, it melts, evaporates and keeps transforming in the unbroken cycle. Water is life - as long as we don't stop its continuous flow - it will keep our planet and us alive.


The Moon is water’s closest companion. Ocean, that gathers most of the water on Earth, is inseparably connected with the Moon and influenced by its phases. We decided to divide our performance and the story into 8 chapters - as the 8 periods of the Moon.


Starting from the image of a mysterious cloud and a single water drop, we fall into a rapid waterfall, to find ourselves in the flow of a river, sometimes calm and peaceful, sometimes dynamic and unpredictable. With a growing number of dancers and sound rising over the huge and vast ocean, the waves take us across the planet and bring to Antarctic coasts, crushing on the icebergs. A mysterious Ice Creature leads us through the majestic mountains of ice, before we'll slide down back to the underwater world. In the darkness, lightning in UV, there are the most fascinating colorful animals - we will watch live the process of illusionary body painting. The dry land awaits us with the experience of heat and lack of water - is there a way to awake the planet to bring back the flow? Do we still have time to awake ourselves?

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