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The Water Goddess

Created by the Memory Of Water productions team:

Dancer/Model Movement-Image /

Małgosia Suś

Bodypaiter/costume design/ Film

Vilija Vitkute Art & Bodypainting

Behind the scenes film/drone

Linnéa Grimstedt

"The Water Goddess"

"Once we where fish

moving freely in the sea.

Our bodies where soft and swift

and we had no belongings.

Now that we crawled out of the sea

we are dry and full of carvings.

We wander city to city

carrying the memory of the sea

(but it isn't just a memory).

Listen carefully and you will hear

the sea in your body.

You know, your blood is seawater

and we are all seacarriers."

a poem of #YokoOno for us to remember the memory of the water.

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