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Our Art Works

Welcome to the online gallery where we present our project artist artworks related to the project, created during art residences.


Art residence on Gotland  2022

The 3rd art residence that focused on dance and film creation about the Baltic Sea.

Endangered Marine Life

The paper art, bodypainting and photography by Vilija Vitkute combined together to work about endangered marine life species.

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Art Film "The Memory Of Water" art residence in Iceland

The first art residence and art film recordings in Iceland 2021 september with International artist team.

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The Memory Of Water  first exhibition

The first exhibition and performance presented at Stadgalerie in Klagenfurt Austria.

Art residence in Lofoten/Lappland

“The Memory Of Water” project in collaboration with choreographer Małgosia Suś, artist Vilija Vitkute, documentary filmmaker Linnea Grimstedt, artist Johannes Stoetter and "Living Landscapes” project with composer Tine Surel Lange. This creation was partly funded by Nordisk Kulturfond.

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Lofoten:Siren :Photo,Bodypaint- Vilija Vitkiute.jpg

Arctic Landscapes Within

Vilija's Vitkutes artworks were created in the Arctic: Norway, Lofoten Islands and North of Sweden, Abisko for her solo project "The Landscapes Within”

Sea Turtle by the Memory of water productions

"Sea Turtle"

Sea Turtle was created in Lofoten Norway in October 2020 during the art residence for The Memory of Water project. The artists group: bodypainter Johannes Stoetter

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