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We fervently believe that artists are a crucial voice in discussing climate change and human impact. 

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The Memory of Water Productions is a non-profit organisation based on Gotland island in Sweden ( as well in Italy), shaped for artistic projects locally, nationally and internationally. The organisation gathers professional artists from different genres for networking, research and creative purposes. The organisation is working for the environment protection, focuses on marine life, and aims to educate and raise awareness about the climate crisis. It promotes the respectful attitude towards nature and presents the vision of a human united with the natural world. The organisation was founded in September 2020 by Vilija Vitkute, Malgorzata Sus and Linnea Grimstedt, and it is an operative structure for “The Memory of Water”, an interdisciplinary art project aimed to develop various artistic activities and share knowledge and awareness about water life.

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at Nordic Watercolor Museum (Nordiska Akvarellmuseet)

OCTOBER 8 & 9 2021

The Memory Of Water

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Art Film creation in 

We are creating a short art film about the human being's disconnection from nature and its way back to the roots. The story is told through the language of bodypainting, dance and music, created by international artists whose work is dedicated to nature and the environment. The creation happens in Iceland and we wish to make it in the most sustainable way possible, travelling and living as a community. The story in the film is told through the perspective of water, and the human body is presented in different landscapes, transformed within water - in glaciers, ocean, fjords, rivers and waterfalls. We chose Iceland because of its remarkable landscapes as well as its sustainable lifestyle. The art film creation will also include a short behind-the-scenes film, photography series and it will all premiere in summer 2022 in the Djupavik Art Factory in Iceland.

During the creation of art film in Iceland we plan to deliver : Short art film (12  -15 minutes), a short documentary, behind the scenes videos and photography series

to be created in Iceland in September 2021 for "The Memory of Water" project

by the international team of artists:

Vilija Vitkute, Malgorzata Sus, Olle Lundin, Johannes Stoetter, Linnea Grimstedt, Tine Surel Lange, Linnea Sundling and Erik Wilken.

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marine life

Bodypainting, paper art and haute couture design series.

These artworks where created to raise awareness about endangered marine life and act about it. 

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New artwork " Life in water a drop"

 Endangered Marine Life” art project that is part of The Memory Of Water, to spread a message of endangered marine animals. The latest collaboration between artist Vilija Vitkute and activist Magdalena Gschnitzer brought the image and message in focus on Whales, Porpoises, and Dolphins on Earth that are critically endangered, facing overhunting, pollution, climate. see more here . see more artworks here - https://www.thememoryofwater.org/endagered-marine-life

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Coming up exhibition/ Austria

We are happy to announce the coming up exhibition at the World Body-painting Festival in Austria Klagenfurt (Stadt gallery). It will last from the end of July 2021 till the middle of September 2021. Artist Vilija Vitkute will present a solo exhibition, the first selected artworks of "The Memory Of Water" project and an opening performance by Malgorzata Sus.

Art Gallery
Congratulations to selected marine biologist!

We have finally selected a talented marine biologist. Meet our project's newest member, Nadège Z. She has studied sea turtles in the Pacific and Caribbean, mollusks in the Mediterranean, seabirds of the Arctic and many organisms in the Öresund and Baltic seas. We are happy to collaborate and spread awareness about water via the Memory Of Water projects.

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Calendar release 2021!

Artist Vilija Vitkute have released first camouflage bodypainting calendar ever created 

the Arctic. The calendar and print sales funds our project work during pandemic crises. 

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Art residence in ARCTIC -lofoten / September 2020

Nordisk Kulturfond (OPSTART) funded the artistic research about water in the Arctic - Lofoten in September 2020. Participating artists: Małgorzata Suś, Vilija Vitkute, Johannes Stoetter, Tine Surel Lange and Linnea Grimstedt.

New collaboration partner - Magdalena Gschnitzer

We are happy to introduce our new partner - an activist, author, speaker and filmmaker Magdalena Gschnitzer from South Tyrol who will bring more awareness about the environment, sustainable life to our project artists group and the audience. Maggy has a strong belief that every single person can make a difference: „Our daily choices are creating an immense impact and we have the possibility to choose new, every single day. Let’s take wiser choices! Let’s connect to protect!

read more - www.thememoryofwater.org/environment

Art residence in Iceland/
2021 September

We are happy to confirm the coming up art residence in Iceland in September 2021.

The team of artists, dancers and filmmakers will travel to Iceland for 14 days research and creative work. 

The art residence is supported by Swedish Arts Council and the project is welcomed by The Factory in Djupavik.


The Memory of Water Productions are searching for a biologist/ marine biologist/ environmentalist/ water expert to join the organization and The Memory of Water project. 

If you are interested to join The Memory Of Water and support our mission, please send your professional CV/ bio and motivation letter to thememoryofwater8@gmail.com. The applications are open until 31st January 2021. 

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New Partner -Folkeaksjonen

We are happy to be a partner of Folkeaksjonen oljefritt Lofoten, Vesterålen og Senja #OilFreeLofoten. We started the collaboration during our art residence in Lofoten and donated art works to raise money for protection of Arctic coasts from oil-drilling. Thanks to our curator Elisabeth Lund for guidance and love for the Arctic.

Open call for dancers/ deadline 2020 March 30th.

Over 120 dancers have applied from all over the world. There have been selected final 13 dancers who will participate in 2022 film and performance creation.


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