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We fervently believe that artists are a crucial voice in discussing climate change and human impact. 

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The Memory of Water Productions is a non-profit organisation that connects arts of bodypainting and dance with working for the protection of water and marine life. It gathers professional artists, scientists and activists, and brings them together to create different projects: films, photography, performances and exhibitions. The Memory of Water Productions was founded in 2020 and is managed by visual artist / bodypainter Vilija Vitkute and choreographer / dancer Małgorzata Suś. 


We believe that artists are responsible to speak about essential issues of the contemporary world, such as climate change and the condition of the oceans. We wish to present the beauty of nature, water landscapes and marine life, and a human being as one with it, inevitably dependent on the planet Earth, and connected with all living beings. We want to promote a respectful and responsible attitude towards nature, sustainable lifestyle and ways of creation. We believe that the language of art can touch people’s hearts and encourage them to change their lives for a better future of our planet. 

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New Calendar release of year 2022

By The Memory Of Water Productions

The calendar presents 12 unique photographs from The Memory of Water film creation in Iceland in September 2021. We are happy to share the memories of our journey - to awake the love for nature and carry the memory of water. 

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